Welcome to the Tea Party...

November 22, 2008
Sorry about the long delay, friends. I got sidetracked by life. BUT I come back with new goodies. FIRST! NEW LAYOUT!
I'm so proud of this layout that its ridiculous. LOL But look at all the pretty that I made on my own! Marie helped me code it and I love her for it.
Good news is that the I Shoulda Been A Continder Contest now has awards up. Congrats to everyone that won.
Also, there's a new contest, The Mummy/Egypt Inspired Contest that was inspired by the new layout. Contest will end on December 22 and voting will last until December 31.
As for new dolls? There is something new on just about every page, so check it all out and leave me a message letting me know what you think! :D<br /> Plus, there are Links for anyone to use if they so choose.

Properly Scandalized is a new dolling forum ran by me and a few close friends.
It's still pretty new, but a really good community and awesome challenges and games.
Oh, and it's not just about dolling, either. We welcome any art. :D

Mister Marvelous Pagent/Contest!
Sponsored by Late Night Productions & Properly Scandalized
It's an awesome on going contest that just got started and is accepting applications.
So, why don't you go and have a Blast with the Past? :D

Pop a squat, sit down, stay a while. Links on the side. ENJOY!

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