Madd as a Hatter


General rules of the game:

  • No frankendolling or stealing others works .
  • Read over the on going contest rules carefully.
  • I accept all dolling styles, tool AND pixel shaded alike. My motto, "Make Dolls, Not War."
  • Have fun!



    The Mummy/Egypt Inspired

    Past Contests:
    1. NerdFighter ========= AWARDS!
    2. I Shoulda Been A Continder. ========= AWARDS NOW UP!

    1. The doll must be done by you only. No colabs unless the contest asks for it.
    2. NO Frakendolling! NO dolls made from drag and drops or other such things. I want something that is all you, baby.
    3. Any bases are welcome, just try not to have the image over 500x500 pixels.
    4. Because I'm a huge wimp, nothing too scary, please. I can handle some things, just, please don't overload me with horror and macabre. You can include it, sure. Just...nothing that would scare most 5 year olds. '_' I have an over active imagination.
    5. Try not to use a doll you've made elsewhere unless it TOTALLY applies to the contest. It makes me feel cheap to get a recycled doll. '_'
    6. Be creative! It's like a Cole Porter play...Anything Goes. :|
    7. Have fun! :D

    To enter, please fill out the following information and send your doll to
    Your Name:
    Your Site: (not required to enter)
    Your Email:
    Base URL:
    Please include the doll in the email. It can be an attatched file or a link elsewhere.

    Public choices 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    Sayra's choice.
    Special Judge's choice.
    Best shading.
    Best hair.
    Made of Awesome (ie, entertaining and whatnot).
    Other awards may be created if there is something inspiring or something.

    1st place and Sayra's choice shall recieve a plaque and a custom doll.
    All other places will receive a plaque.
    Everyone gets something for entering.