Madd as a Hatter

gifts to me

Rules of the game:

  • No adopting!
  • Give me all your cookies.
  • Some dolls are saved in PNG format, so unless you are veiwing this in firefox, you might see a white box around the doll.
  • from hprpg people

    Dolls given to me from friend and inspirations.. NOTHING on this page is adoptable!

    From Marie

    Fraylee and Collin.

    Fraylee Harris.
    And yes, that's poo in her hands. Its an inside joke. :| Don't judge.

    Fraylee in 1930's fashion.

    Fraylee Harris, Patrick Fitzgerald, Danielle Websterus, and Doyle MacPherson

    Property Of dolls. Fraylee, Collin, Fraylee and Patrick, and the Pink Mafia

    OUR GANG! :D
    Maise, Collin, Lucy, Jacob, and Nia.

    Brogan and Casey.

    Brogan and Casey, AGAIN. Aren't they cute?

    Marie's half of the Halloween colab we did.

    Mia and Ian on their wedding day.
    :| I won a bet with Marie and this was the doll she made me.

    Ben and Annie being adorable.

    Zombie Collin chompin on my head. :|

    Mostly an inside/roommate joke...involving my appetite for creamcheese.

    Marie made me this BEAUTIFUL flapper doll.

    From Rae

    Collin in one of the best moments of his life.

    I am pretty sure this is the first doll of Our Gang ever made! Isnt't it awesome?

    Our Gang as Peanut Characters. Can you guess who is who?

    Our Gang as Super Mario Brothers characters.

    Young Fraylee in a furry hat.

    Fraylee in an outfit she would wear for an event when she's older.


    Simon and Georgey, two shortlived characters that were awesome.

    Simon and Georgey, one more time.

    Selby and Patience in Regency wear.

    Fraylee...throwing a shoe. :|

    Patience and Edward getting their loving on.

    Actually, a collab between me and Rae of our characters Selby and Patience. But we will overlook that. _

    Me and The Doctor (Numbah 10).


    My special moon and name thinger. I love it. >.<

    Edward, Patience, Selby, and Gabriel.

    I won Rae in an auction. She made me Selby and Edward. I love it.

    Gabriel and Selby. x_x so much win.

    Our Gang, with their new member, Thom Reed.

    Collin, Jacob, and Lucy.
    It reads: "Clean cup, clean cup, move down!" "Yay, tea!" "I am so not inviting you next time."

    Collin and Lucy throwing snowballs.

    Our Gang...looking AWESOME!

    Ok, so all of these aren't actually mine, but I don't have just mine saved.>.>
    I know, I fail. But mine id the first one! :D It's a koala!
    God, I love koalas!

    Annie Carnahan, Benjamin Adler, Noah Dawson, and Libby Taylor.
    Aren't they awesome?

    Lucy and Collin doing what they do best...arguing.

    Selby portrait. >.< sooooo pretty!

    Me. :| At my computer. I have a tendency to type in the wrong window sometimes.


    A beautiful sketch of me.

    Collin with his lightsaber.

    From Dabu

    Collin and Fraylee Sprites! :D

    Collin and Matt playing Star Wars.


    Fraylee and Matthew Adams.
    Having a heated debate on who's better: Batman or Superman.

    Fraylee, again.

    Fraylee in Pink Mafia atire.

    Pink Mafia:
    Zenith Matthews, Scarlette James, Doyle MacPherson, Fraylee Harris, Sophia Barton, Osiris Silver.

    Jenni, Zen, Sophia, Fraylee, and Dani.

    Why don't you guess who this one is...:|

    An older looking Fraylee, Yes?

    From Clau

    Clau made me a koala for my birthday! >.<

    Fraylee doodle! :D

    Another Fraylee.

    Fraylee, again. :|

    Collin and light saber. :|

    Fraylee in her school uniform.

    Fraylee...wearing a pomegrante.

    Another Fraylee.

    Clau likes to celebrate Leap Year. :|

    From Manders

    Fraylee and Dani...I THINK talking about how Dani likes Doyle.

    Me in my UVA-Wise shirt.

    Heman Woman Haters FTW!
    Manders, Me, Stef, Rae, Marie, and Dabu.

    Manders drives Fraylee's man, Kaleb.
    This is Fraylee trying to make him smile. :|

    This gift is linked out for size.
    Basically a joke about how I can make almost anything sound dirty.
    Its a talent, really. :|

    From Sue

    Fraylee yearbood picture.

    Collin yearbook picture.



    From Stef:

    Collin, Jacob, and Thom...Wearing shirts that tell what Collin did in Transfiguration Class. >.>

    From Ali:

    This is the first Fraylee doll I haver got as a gift! :D

    From Alf:

    Fraylee in her Quidditch robes.

    From Kendal:


    From Em:

    AWESOME drawing of Fraylee. Em rocks.

    I won Em in an auction. She made me this Fraylee...

    And this Collin. Aren't they adorable?

    From Alleyne: