Madd as a Hatter

properly scandalized

Rules of the game:

  • You can adopt these dolls unless stated otherwise.
  • If you do adopt, link back to me. And save the doll to your own server!
  • Give me all your cookies.
  • Some dolls are saved in PNG format, so unless you are veiwing this in firefox, you might see a white box around the doll.

    Properly Scandalized is a dolling forum created by my friends, Marie, Rachel, and myself. It's still growing and a really good size. The community is AWESOME and everyone really seems to be enjoying themselves. We have alot of fun with challenges and everything. It is great. And I totally recomend you to join if you haven't already. There's a link around here somewhere, I'm sure. :| That being said, here are a whole slue of dolls from the challenges we have going on over there and what not. I coldn't not show them off. :D

    My current AV for PS. I might be a little obsessed with the broadway show Xanadu. But only a little.

    It's Me! For the group challenge.
    Every new member can doll themselves and each month we put them together for a group picture.

    For Halloween, we had to doll ourselves wearing a costume we wore once upon a time.
    My mom made me Minnie Mouse. Literally, she made it. I hate Minni Mouse, but I looked so darn cute.
    AND IT IS PIXELED! I'm so friggin PROUD! >.< With and without the dots so you can see the detail of the dress.

    At PS, we have a Truth or Doll game.
    Needless to say, I was dared to doll a Gothic Lolita.
    She's a little more costumey than others would like, but I love her.

    January Member Challenge
    Doll something black and white.
    You can't see the detail very well, but she had on knee socks.
    And it isn't shaded on purpose.

    Clau won me in an auction.
    So, I made her clinging to the leg of Spike from The Buffy tv series. '_'
    SOOO much black. >.< But I love it.
    NOT Adoptable.
    base, website down.

    Inside Joke of Miss History Pageant that PS hosted.
    The contestants were going to attack us judges with sporks. :| Too bad I love sporks.
    The completed doll, created by myself, Marie, Rachel, and Shanae can be found HERE !