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Rules of the game:

  • No adopting unless it says you can.
  • If you do adopt, link back to me. And save the doll to your own server!
  • Give me all your cookies.
  • Some dolls are saved in PNG format, so unless you are veiwing this in firefox, you might see a white box around the doll.
  • Movies


    It Happened One Night. One of my FAVORITE movies.
    NOT adoptable.
    My base.

    The Mummy / The Mummy Returns

    I have fallen in love with the movies "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns." Of course, it doesn't helps that Rachel Weisz is my favorite actress.
    That being said, I decided to take on the HUGE and daunting task of dolling all of her costumes from both movies.
    And I do be ALL.
    This project is still on going and will be updated as I continue. And I am totally going in order of the movie.

    First my my project, the library and prision scene costumes.
    I love the hat and sweater coat. The shoes and shirt, not so much.

    Next the scene where Evie and Jonathon board the boat and Evie talking with Rick.

    Evie in her white night gown and book before being thrown off the flaming boat into the river by Rick. Such a hero.
    Her hair is the HARDEST thing I've ever had to doll in my life.

    Evy and Rick, as seen in my layout, only together.
    If you want to adopt them seperately, just shoot me a note and I'll send them to you.

    More to come, so be on the look out!


    Nothing here as of yet.



    That 70's Show! You know how they roll!
    Red, Kitty, Fez, Dona, Eric, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso, Leo, Bob.

    Simon and Kaylee from the movie/show Serenity/Firefly.
    NOT adoptable.

    Firefly/Serenity. I love this movie and show. It cracks me up. Joss Whedon rocks..
    Simon, River, Wash, Zoe, Mal, Inara, Jayne, Kaylee, Shepard Book.