Madd as a Hatter

fractured fairytales

Rules of the game:

  • NOTHING on this page is adoptable.
  • Give me all your cookies.
  • Some dolls are saved in PNG format, so unless you are veiwing this in firefox, you might see a white box around the doll.

    Fractured Fairytales is the first dolling forum that I ever joined. It's still growing and I am still a member, but not nearly as active as I used to be. But I still wanted to show off some of the beautiful things that I recieved there from the talented members and inspirations that I met.

    These were all gifts from Juleah. I heart her so much. So please, do not take ANY of these.
    Her site

    Shop orders from FF. Theses were from Elfie, who doesn't have a site, and is no longer on FF, I don't think.

    Shop orders by Cha. She is my Jam. I LOVE my Mad Hatter alter ego, Hattie. It ROCKS.
    Her Site.

    Shop orders and gifts by Shirley. I heart this woman. SUCH an inspiration.
    Her Site.

    Shop orders By Sawcat. She's AWESOME.
    Her Site.

    Shop orders by Spacecase. I can't get over how much win these are made of.
    Her Site.

    Shop orders and a gift from FeyMeggan. The Waiting for Guffman dolls are my ULTIMATE jam. I can't stop laughing.
    Her Site.